Jerry Soffen at the National Academy of Sciences
The Soffen Fund In the spirit of dedication to the growth of young scientists and engineers embodied by Gerald Soffen throughout his life, the Dr. Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Space Science Education offers Student Travel Grants. The Travel Grants are awarded to students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in aerospace-related sciences or engineering fields (astrobiology, astronomy, earth and space science, engineering, etc.) to attend a meeting at which they will present their research.

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Applications for Soffen Fund Travel Grants are currently closed. Depending on available funding, the applications are usually open in the Fall and Spring.

Steve Abrams
Joshua Alwood
Kelley Atkinson
Dr. Rob Bayt
Dr. Klaus and Vera Biemann
Hans-Peter Biemann
Randall Bostick
Jim Brice
Dr. Grant Bromhal
Charlotte Brown
Warren Brown
Laura Burns
Joshua Chamot
Jim Chase
Srimal Choi
Natacha Chough
Naomi Chow
Dr. Baruch Blumberg &
Dr. Joyce Codispoti
Kristina Colladay
Eric Collins
Todd Crowley
Dr. Joseph DiRienzi
Jeremy Dobler
Edna and Karman Duchon
Kristy Dyer
Burton Edelson
Jessica Edmonds
Emily Eelkema
Robert Effinger
Bethany Ehlmann
Johnny Erickson
Richard and Susan Fienberg
Dr. Donald Flory
Carie Frantz
Bevan and Mary-Hill French
Melinda Gallo
Stephen Garber
Paul Gosling
Daniel Greenspan
Watson and Margarita Gregg
Dr. Jose Guzman
Christina Hammock
Vicki and Russell Harvey
Dr. Noel and Diana Hinners
Andrew Hoppin
Dr. Norman Horowitz
Aleta Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
David Kalman
Nora Kelly
Nader Khatib
Elizabeth Knasel
Caroline Kostak
David Lamb
Rivers Lamb
Jennifer Law
Arnaldo Leon
Julie Litzenberger
Dr. Adam London
Matthew and Carmen Lowry
Charles Mackenzie
Sara MacLellan
Dr. Richard Henry &
Dr. Rita Mahon
Dr. Stephen Maran
Rebecca Martin
Timothy Marzullo
Mark and Renee Matossian
Christopher May
Danielle Merfeld
Gene Fujii
Derek and Sybil Soffen Miller
Jennifer Mindock
Dr. Michelle Minitti
Dr. Mike and Mrs. Lisa Moreau
Lev and Olga Mukhina
Ken Murphy
Gerry and Marcia Neugebauer
Dr. Leslie E. Orgel
Dr. Claire Parkinson
Julia Plummer
William Pomerantz
Edwin and Margaret Prior
Changmei Ql
Matthew Reyes
Gregory Richardson
Brian Roberts
Deanne Rogers
Ian Ruiz
Michael and Jane Sander
David Schuman
Robin Smullen
Kazuko Soffen
Marvin and Phyllis Soffen
Courtney Springirth
Rich Sturmfels
Theodore Swanson
David W. Thompson
Jane Thorpe
Dr. James E. Tillman
Nicole Vennell
Graylan Vincent
Dr. Christine Wehlburg
Jerry Gomez &
Susan Wetstone
Jennifer White
Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides
Danielle Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Yasumi Yugari
Dorthy Zukor

Awards The Soffen Fund will award up to $1000 in Travel Grants, with no individual award greater than $500, contingent upon acceptance of the recipients' conference abstracts. Recipients may use the Grant to attend either virtual or in-person conferences. The number of awards will depend on applicants' needs. Recipients must be able to participate in or attend their conference using the Travel Grant and, if necessary, support from other sources. Supplemental funds above the awarded amount cannot be requested from the Soffen Fund.

Upon receipt of the Travel Grant, recipients will be asked to:

  • Acknowledge the grant in their presentations at the conference,
  • Submit their presentation materials to the Soffen Memorial Fund for posting on the fund's Travel Grant web page..
Eligibility Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply; however, applicants must be enrolled full time in an accredited undergraduate or graduate institution of higher learning in the United States.

Notification of the award will be made approximately one month after the application deadline, after conclusion of the review process. Given the requirement that recipients must acknowledge the Soffen Fund in their presentations, only conferences on or after May 13, 2024 are eligible for consideration.

Contact You may contact the Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Space Science Education regarding Travel Grants at